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About Me

Director. Editor. Filmmaker. Storyteller.
My name is Jake-Sebastian Wynne and I am a Director, Editor and Filmmaker based in the UK.  I have experience shooting different types of media all over the world.
I have worked in Commercials, Music Videos, Online Content and Corporate dramas for many years and this site has been created to show some of the projects I have worked on in the past, and some of the films I intend to make in the future!
I started out life as an offline editor with Final cut in London, and learned my craft editing the footage of some of the top commercial and music video directors working during the 90's. I saw what worked and even more importantly, what didn't.  I progressed on to directing quickly and built up a solid body of work winning a few awards along the way.


New York Festivals

 Creative & Design awards



Kinsale advertising awards

 British Television Advertising Craft Awards


I am passionate about storytelling and truly believe in the power of emotive techniques to engage an audience and get a clear message across.  I have used this philosophy across all my work and pride myself in affecting my audience and keeping them engaged in the films.
At times my work has a sense of humour, as comedic moments can be found in every walk of life and even in the darkest of scenarios. Getting that balance right is a challenge that always excites me.
I was brought up in an acting family so I feel extremely comfortable working with actors, but I also have a lot of experience with non-actors, priding myself on pulling solid performances from them and making them feel confident on camera.
I am currently non-exclusively represented by London based Production Company VINCE MEDIA, where I direct across the whole media work-space, including Commercials, Narrative Films, Music Videos, Corporate and Creative Digital Content, as well as working directly with agencies and clients in an editing capacity.
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